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Congratulations, Kissaluvs winner!

Congratulations to fancygrinancy, winner of our Kissaluvs marvel diaper!  And for the rest of you, our next giveaway kicks off tomorrow, so check back!

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January 31, 2010 at 10:47 am 2 comments

Giveaway reminder: REgarding Peanut

Just a reminder, if you haven’t already entered REgarding Peanut’s giveaway on their blog, then head over to check it out and enter to win a $75 gift certificate!

January 28, 2010 at 10:41 pm 4 comments

Question: What are your personal favorites for your little one?


As the owner of a cloth diaper business, I get asked a lot what my personal favorites are.  Now, mind you, I firmly believe that what works for one person may not work for someone else, and there are plenty of people out there who swear by diapers that we didn’t have success with, for whatever reason.  I have tried a lot of diapers, though, so I am speaking with some experience.  Off the top of my head, I know I’ve tried every make of Thirsties; BumGenius AIOs, organic AIOs, 3.0s; Rumparooz; Evolution; GroBaby; Tiny Tush one-size fitteds and pockets; Fishnoodles; Blueberry; Mommy’s Touch; Bummis wraps;  as well as every diaper carried in my own store (and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few).

I do make a commitment to myself and to my customers that I won’t carry any diapers that I can’t stand behind and so I do think there is something worthwhile in all the brands I carry, but I do have my favorites.

These favorites have definitely transitioned as I’ve tried a lot of diapers, and as Grace has grown.

For newborn diapering, I was fortunate to score a huge lot of used Kissaluvs 0 fitteds on diaperswappers and these remain my favorites.  While prefolds are also an affordable, smart option for newborn diapering, it is a lovely luxury to not have to hassle with folding or snappi-ing the diapers (and I wasn’t always so great at getting a tight fit with prefolds around the legs, and with runny newborn poop that’s sort of a bummer).  I used a combination of Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and Thirsties XS covers over the Kissaluvs and prefolds.

Once Grace hit 12 pounds or so, though, we were ready to progress to the rest of our diaper stash.  Like many expectant moms, I took a blind leap of faith and purchased a bunch of BumGenius 3.0 one-size diapers for our stash.  I didn’t really know anyone that had much experience with modern cloth diapers, and so I went with a brand I recognized.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as pleased with those as I hoped I’d be… I was disappointed by the bulk of the one-size diaper even on my 12-lber. and I quickly found that the velcro curled and didn’t seem very sticky, rendering the laundry tabs useless.  (Side note: I have used other BumGenius products and do find them superior to the 3.0, so I am not trying to slam the brand.)

I proceeded to try nearly every one-size diaper on the market, and to be honest, the luster of the one-size diaper soon faded.  I do understand the economic appeal of a one-size diaper, but unfortunately I find that they just do not fit as well as sized diapers.  I have tried to stock what I found to be some of the more adjustable and good-fitting one-size diapers in the store, but for me, I tend to find myself drawn toward at least a two-size diaper instead.

Our current favorite diapers include a mix of nearly every type of diaper out there…

overnight: we use two trifolded prefolds in a Thirsties cover (I do not recommend trifolding in the Thirsties cover until your baby is past the runny poop stage, or it can get messy.  Since Grace never poops at night, we don’t have to worry about icky covers.)

alternate overnight: a Thirsties duo diaper with a doubler. I’m not even sure we’d need the doubler, but I haven’t wanted to chance it without.  The Thirsties duo diaper comes with a fabulous double-layered hemp & microfiber insert, and it’s so absorbent. A great option for heavy wetters in my opinion.

overnight for smaller babies: before Grace hit about 11 months, we were able to use just a fitted diaper with doubler and a Thirsties cover.  But at about 22 pounds, she started overflowing with that and leaking.  Still, I think the combo is very workable for smaller babies.

diaper bag favorites: AppleCheeks.  I really love the AppleCheeks and SoftBums for the diaper bag because both can be used as an AI2 diaper.  This means you can reuse the shell until soiled, changing only the inserts at each diaper change. This saves room in the diaper bag. AppleCheeks are my particular diaper bag favorite, because you can also use them as a pocket diaper… so if you are leaving the baby with grandma for a couple hours you can prestuff them to avoid any confusion.

at-home use: Thirsties fab fitteds with a Thirsties cover. I ended up quite a few of these purchased affordably on diaperswappers, and I still remain quite happy with them. A great leakproof, easy solution.

If I were to choose only ONE style of diaper to use all the time, I would have to say my choice would be either a Thirsties duo diaper or the AppleCheeks system.  Why? First, because both have the flexibility to be used as an overnight diaper, just by adding an extra insert or doubler.  Second, they are both easy diapers to use, and neither requires the unstuffing of pockets (a task I personally detest).  And third, as two-size diapers, they’re a happy medium between the one-size diaper or using 100% sized diapers.

January 28, 2010 at 10:37 pm 3 comments

Word of the Week: faith

(Sorry this is late, but today got away from me, hence a 11 p.m. post)

No matter what your belief system, there is no denying that becoming a parent is a definite leap of faith: belief in family, hope for the future, even a trust in yourself not to totally foul up this thing called parenthood and the little one you are bringing into the world.

Nothing has taught me more about myself, and about my own values and trust in God, than becoming a parent.  As cliche as it sounds, the parent-child relationship really is unlike any other relationship we have, and I’m 100% sure that I could’ve grasped my own faith in quite the same way that I do now that I am a parent.  And I am also sure that I have grown personally in ways that never would have happened had I never taken that leap of faith and welcomed Grace into our lives.

I’m sure my understanding of faith in both God and myself will continue to morph as my children grow, but right now I believe two things: (1) as a person, I am not only more stronger than I ever thought, but also my fumbling and bumbling is “good enough.”  I really struggle with this concept off and on, and especially in my younger years dealt a lot with insecurity.  But it’s amazing how much confidence parenthood can give you. So far I don’t seem to have messed up Grace too badly, in spite of the fact that I am a bit more of a pushover than I thought I would be and I am hopeless at sleep training.

And (2) I am starting to believe more and more that the God-me relationship doesn’t have to be so hard and that the struggling and striving I do may be a lot like Grace, and how she becomes angry and thrashes about and squalls, when all she has to do is allow herself to be held by her mama and nursed, and she would get all she needs just from that.  And her happiest times are when she does just that.  When Jesus says to approach the Father like a little child, maybe it is not so complicated after all.  And this gives me great hope, that even for a very flawed mother and person like me, there’s a very abundant life ahead.

Now I know that definitely not all my readers can relate to my Christian worldview and the particular reasons for my hope, but I would hope that we can all find a measure of confidence, faith, and optimism as we continue this journey of raising our children.  I truly believe that our kids’ futures and the way they will see the world depends on it.

January 27, 2010 at 10:59 pm 4 comments

Seattle Spotlight: Creme Brulee Kids Sale

Creme Brulee Kids headerToday I’m spotlighting the Creme Brulee Kids sale, which is coming up right around the corner in just a couple weeks.  Creme Brulee is an awesome sale that combines thousands of items sold on consignment, along with lots of boutique sellers (like Mothering Grace!) that have all kinds of one-of-a-kind items for your little ones.   February’s Creme Brulee sale will take place at Issaquah’s Pickering Barn, and Creme Brulee is partnering with Sassy Mei, another boutique sale that caters more toward home goods and items for adults… so it should be a fun event with lots of appeal for everyone! And, as a bonus for you harried moms, you can shop in peace since free childcare will be provided by the Issaquah Gymboree.

If you’re like our family, you may also have items lying around the house that your kids have outgrown, and this is an excellent chance to turn some of the clutter into cash, too!  There is still time to sign up as a consignor, which grants you early access to the sale before everyone else and a generous portion of your sales!  And at the end of the sale, you can either pick up your unsold items, or the Creme Brulee staff will take it off to charity for you.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Event Details:

Date: Friday, February 12, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, February 13, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: Pickering Barn, 1730 10th Ave. NW, Issaquah, WA 98027

January 26, 2010 at 2:41 pm 4 comments

Week 4 giveaway: Kissaluvs marvels diaper *CLOSED FOR COMMENTS*


This week’s prize: one Kissaluvs Marvels one-size fitted diaper in the pattern of your choice

Why you want this prize: Kissaluvs Marvels pair adorable outer fabrics with super-soft bamboo inners to create a great one-size fitted diaper.  Read more here.

Details: winner will be chosen using a random number generator. Deadline for last “comment” is Friday, January 29, at 9 p.m. PST.  Winner to be posted Saturday, January 30, and has 72 hours to claim prize.  If no response, a new winner will be selected and announced next Saturday.

How to enter?

Leave a comment telling everyone what is the one item or brand you would most like Mothering Grace to carry (that we don’t already carry)?  You must answer this question for any subsequent entries to be counted.

Other ways to gain additional entries (one extra entry per giveaway for doing any of these things, not per day):

  • Become a fan of Mothering Grace on Facebook
  • Grab the Mothering Grace button (leave the URL of where it’s posted in your comment)
  • Subscribe via email
  • Subscribe via a reader
  • Follow the Mothering Grace blog
  • Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link
  • Follow @motheringgrace on twitter and retweet this giveaway (max of one extra entry per day for retweeting)
  • Comment on other posts during the week (one extra entry per post you comment on)

And in your comment, make sure it either links to a public profile or that you leave an email address where I can reach you if you win!

Good luck!

January 25, 2010 at 11:05 am 150 comments

Week 3 winner!

Congratulations to Brie, winner of the PlanetWise mini wet/dry bag and medium wetbag combo.

A new giveaway will be starting Monday, though, so don’t despair if you didn’t win this time!

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January 24, 2010 at 10:02 am 1 comment

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