About Mothering Grace

Before my daughter was born last year, I spent many hours researching cloth diapers and the many different options.  Not only did all the information start to get overwhelming, but the initial expense was also substantial.  My friends and family didn’t “get” cloth diapers or understand that new options go far beyond the old plastic pants and pins, and so they weren’t too interested in helping us start a diaper stash.

If only they could see how cool the new cloth diapers are, I thought, maybe they would be more willing to consider a gift of diapers!

Out of this idea was born Mothering Grace.  I am committed to helping mothers explore their options in cloth diapering, but I’ve narrowed down the choices to a more manageable selection–brands that I have personally tried and vouch for.  In addition, for Seattle area moms we have the option of cloth diaper consultations and cloth diaper showers, a great way to build your stash!

I love cloth diapers and strongly believe in their superiority over disposables, and there is little I enjoy more than helping mothers make the best diapering decisions for their family.  I won’t hesitate to give you my honest opinion about the diaper options available, even if that means that I point you in a different direction for a brand I don’t carry here at Mothering Grace.

We want your diapering decisions to be healthy, green, and above all, easy!  Let us help you!

More about me…

Interests: attachment parenting, green living, Christian living, reading (good books and some nonsense), watching college football, enjoying the outdoors, fitness & exercise (currently trying to talk myself into being a runner)


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