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What are the advantages of laundering my own diapers instead of using a diaper service?

Many people wonder why they should hassle with laundering their own diapers when in many areas, diaper services are readily available.

Diaper services do provide a measure of convenience, since you are not responsible for laundering your own diapers.  In addition, some people find a recurring monthly expense easier to budget for than the larger initial expense of purchasing and laundering your own diapers.  However, diaper services significantly reduce your options (most only offer the option of prefold diapers), and the monthly cost certainly adds up (most cost between $60 and $80 per month)… and this cost doesn’t include the cost of diaper cover, which you have to provide and launder on your own.  It only covers the cost of the prefolds themselves.

And with a diaper service, when your baby is potty-trained, you are left with nothing!  If you choose to buy and launder your own diapers, you can choose any diaper combination you wish, you are not bound to any repeating monthly expense, and at the end of your baby’s diapering, you have a stash of diapers to reuse for another child, or you can pass them along to another baby or recoup some of your investment by reselling them.

The exact same diapers that a diaper service uses can be purchased by the dozen for between $16 and 22… at this rate, you could buy four dozen diapers for the same cost as ONE month of diaper service.  And by trading your monthly service cost for just the cost of water and electricity, you’d end up saving at least $500 a year.

I think diaper services can make sense if you have unreliable/unavailable laundering facilities, or for families that are committed to the ecological and health benefits of cloth but just cannot stomach or have time for the laundering.  But for most people, I think the financial benefits of laundering your own just make it an easy decision.


February 4, 2010 at 8:36 pm 8 comments

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